Slow Release Fertilisers
(4, 6, 8 and 12 Month)
Sulphate Fertilisers
Granular Fertilisers
Organic Fertilisers
Soil Improvers
Split Green Canes
Half Barrel Planters
Pea and Bean Net
Square and Round Plastic Plant Pots with Carry Trays
Potting Tray
Fixings - Pegs & Ground Staples
Verdone Lawn Weedkiller
Vermiculite/Perlite 100L
Frost/Wind Protection Fleece
Greenhouse Shade Netting
Flower/Plant Pots
Deer Fencing / Netting
Heavy Duty Adjustable Reusable Tree Ties
Large Bubblewrap Insulation
Large Grow Tunnel Kit
Plant Labels
Log & Kindling Nets
Lawn Sand
Aftercut Lawn Feed & Conditioner
Wall Mounted Flower Troughs
Garden Trays
Round Wooden Tree Stakes
Bulk Bags
Greengrocers Grass-Plastic Fake Grass - 6 x 3 ft
Bird net - 4m x 6m / 4m x 12m / 8m x 10m
Tree Guards - Protection From Rabbits

Weed Suppressant Mulch Fabric

Willow Trugs
Propagator Lids (standard full tray size)
Capillary Matting
Large Garden Trug
Herb Planter - Available in Green or Terracotta
Lawn Feed Weed & Mosskiller
Backpack Sprayer 12L
Galvanised Netting
Trellis Netting
A large range of essentials for garden, greenhouse, allotment & veg. plot - practical garden accessories.
Free UK delivery.
Bird Netting 2m,4m,6m,8m, x 100m
Potato Sacks (25kg 3ply type)
Bamboo Canes
Hanging Baskets
Bird Netting 2m & 4m by 25m,50m,100m & 250m
Wreath Wires
Square Wooden Tree Stakes