Mr & Mrs Farmer
African Tribal Head In Red
Bad Mannered Gargoyle 1
Bad Mannered Gargoyle 2
Chess Knight Black / White
Boot Planter
Boxer Dog Wall Plaque
Boy Teddy Bear
Buddha Head In Blue
Buddha Head In Bronze
Cat Memorial Statue
Dozing Mexican Statue
Egyptian Bust
Egyptian Face Mask Wall Plaque In Blue
Egyptian Face Mask Wall Plaque In Bronze
Egyptian Tutankhamun Bust
Facestone With Crooked Smile
Facestone with glasses
Facestone With Open Mouth
Facestone With Wobbly Mouth
Flock Of Sheep
Four Face Stones
Bears - (Polar, Teddy, Grizzly & Black)
Girl Teddy Bear
Laying Pig
Green Man Wall Plaque
Herd Of Cows
Labrador Dog Wall Plaque
Large Buddha Head Bronzed
Large Buddha Head In Blue
Large Buddha Head In Natural Stone Effect
Modern Kneeling Lady Statue
Dozing Mexican Water Feature Statue
Large Gnome With Watering Can
Large Gnome With Axe
Large Green Man Statue
Large Green Man Wall Plaque
Large Laughing Buddha in stone, blue, bronze or red
Large Pacific Island Figure
Large Native American Indian Statue
Large Native American Indian Statue
Holiday Hippo
Laughing Buddha In Bronze

Laying Buddha In Bronze

Laying Laughing Buddha In Red
Lotus Buddha
Lotus Buddha Wall Plaque
Modern Kneeling Lady Statue
Mother Earth Statue
Mr & Mrs Farmer
Hippo Water Feature
Pair Of Bad Mannered Gargoyles
Pair Of Ducks
Pair Of Oriental Warriors
Pair Of Pharaos
Set of 4 Garden Gnomes
Pig Family
Rabbit memorial
Elephant Family
Rose Cherub One-Piece Birdbath
Round Fat Cat
Round Fat Hedgehog
Round Fat Pig
Shaun the Sheep
Sleeping Cat Memorial
Spaniel Head Wall Plaque
Staffie Head Wall Plaque
Teddy Bear Couple
Terrier Wall Plaque
Three Wise Monkeys
Tortoise With Attitude
Tree Spirit Statue
Dog memorial statue
Easter Island Statue
Witches Brew Cauldron Planter
Birdbath Bowl
Black Cow
Blue Cow
Brown Cow
Cream Cow
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Welcome to our range of concrete garden ornaments, unique designs from our own UK workshops.

The price you see is the price you pay - UK packing & courier delivery is included in the price.

Individually handcast and hand-painted to order - therefore please allow a week or so for despatch.

African Tribal Head In Weathered Stone Effect

Maneki Neko (Feng Shui) Lucky Waving Cat